Evolution Biff

Evolution Biff is a SuperKaramba widget which monitors Ximian Evolution mail files for new mail.

To choose which mail folder to monitor, right-click on the theme and choose "Configure Theme", then "Change mail folder". The default folder is Inbox (~/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox).

NEW in this version:

This karamba theme requires SuperKaramba 0.35. It has been tested with Python 2.3.3, KDE 3.2, and Evolution 1.4.6.

The icons were taken from Kool Gorilla 1.2 for KDE.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the display say that there are new messages even after all the messages have been read?
A: Evolution doesn't update the mail file immediately after a message is read, so it can take a while before the change is reflected in the widget. Be patient :). If you want it to update immediately, you can expunge deleted messages, which seems to do the trick.

Q: How do I set Evolution Biff to update every "x minutes"?
A: The default update interval is 10 seconds. If you want to change the interval, it's set in the evobiff.theme file (right-click on the widget->Edit->Edit Theme). The interval parameter is in milliseconds, so interval=10000 means update every 10 seconds. You can change this to any amount of time you want: for 5 minutes, change it to interval=300000.


changes in version 0.4.1

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